Genre : Example of Descriptive Text

Genre : Example of Descriptive Text

Below are the examples of genre : Descriptive texts. It describes things, place and person.


What is descriptive text? Sometimes, it is called description. A descriptive text is a kind of text which is used to describe a certain person, place and things. It belongs to factual genre.

Descriptive text consists of identification and description. Identification identifies a person, place or things. Meanwhile, description gives clear description about the parts, qualities and characteristics of the person, thing or place.

Descriptive text focuses on specific participant. It usually uses verb of being and having. Descriptive mainly uses present form. It very often uses some descriptive adjective to build up long nominal groups. Some topic which is used to write a descriptive text are:

1.     Description of person : My mother, Our English teacher, My friend, etc

2.     Description of place : Our school, my house, Victoria Lake, etc

3.     Description of thing : My Car, Andy’s Bicycle, Nadia’s Cat

Below are some examples of descriptive text.


Example of Descriptive Text  : #01

This Is Our School

My school is big and clean. At the front, there is a school yard.  We usually use it for flag ceremony. On the left side, there is teacher office. Next to the teacher office, there is headmaster room. There is a garden in front of the headmaster room. There is a bicycle shed and toilets behind the office.

The classroom is on the right side of the school yard. There is a sciences laboratory between the classroom and the canteen. The language laboratory is behind the classroom. There is a library beside it.

Example of Descriptive Text  : #02

My Classroom

This is my classroom. It is clean and big enough. There is a chair and a desk for the teacher in front of the class.  There is a flower vase on the desk.

There are forty chairs and twenty tables for the students. There is a white board in front of the class. The cupboard is in the right corner. There is a clock hanging on the wall.


Example of Descriptive Text  : #03

Mr. John’s House

Mr. John’s house is big and clean. There is a large yard in front of the house and a garden behind the house.

The house has a large living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a small library and a garage.

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